Ethical Trading

At Savile Row Company our values underpin everything we do. It’s not just our customers that matter, but our employees too. Family run since 1938, we value our people and realise that the loyalty and hard work of our staff are central to the company’s success.

We pride ourselves on having good supplier relationships and go to great lengths to ensure the people who make and sell our products are not exploited or exposed to unsafe working conditions. No matter which country, supplier or factory, our priority is to ensure that workers are treated fairly, safely and ethically.

Our Ethical Trading Policy includes the following key principles:

Freedom of Employment
Safe and hygienic working conditions
Child or prison labour are not acceptable
All workers are paid a living wage
Working hours are not excessive
Discrimination will not be tolerated
Harsh or inhumane treatment is never acceptable.


The Savile Row Company are striving to use cotton that is BCI certified. This means that the cotton is guaranteed to come from a sustainable source where workers are treated fairly alongside a reduction in stress on the local environment. More information about BCI cotton can be found on the Better Cotton website. Shirts produced using this certified cotton are labelled accordingly within the ‘bullet points’ on the page.

The Savile Row Company is rated excellent on Trustpilot Star CTrustpilot 4.8  out of 5