What do you wear on the golf course? Whilst this is a question that can have no definitive answer (all courses have different rules), there are a few key pieces that any golfer should always have on hand. And, as luck would have it, we have just the stuff…


If you’re not a fan of the outlandish trousers showcased by players such as Messrs Ian Poulter and John Daly, a classic pair of chinos are the perfect choice. Lightweight, comfortable and timeless, they’re a must-have for every stylish golfer. For those of you wondering if you can wear jeans, you can’t.


Polo Shirt

In nearly all cases, golf courses require men to wear collared shirts with short sleeves. In other words: a polo shirt – which should also be tucked in. Long sleeves should be fine (check before you go), however T-shirts, vests and sport tops are a definite no go.



If you feel trousers restrict your movement, you’ll be pleased to know that many clubs will also accept shorts. Modesty is encouraged however, so opt for a tailored pair that sit just above the knee. Note: some courses will require you to wear long socks when wearing shorts, so it would be a good idea to keep a spare pair in your bag.



When the weather turns chilly and a polo shirt isn’t sufficient, lightweight knitwear becomes an essential part of any dapper golfer’s wardrobe. Don’t forget to keep your polo underneath though, as you never know when the sun may reappear.


One final thing…

Now you know what to wear on a golf course, where are you going to play your next round? To help decide, our managing director and avid golfer Jeffrey Doltis lists his five favourite courses in the UK:

Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland

“Located on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland, it has beautiful sea views across to Scotland. Widely acclaimed to be the best links course in Europe, it’s also hosting The Open Championship in 2019. I may be a little biased as it used to be my home club!”

The Old Course St Andrews, Scotland

“This is the Mecca of golfers all over the world. It’s widely believed to be the original home of golf and is a must-play course and a once in a lifetime experience for all golfers who appreciate the history of the game.”

Gleneagles, Scotland

“A location synonymous with luxury, it has three courses – the most beautiful of which is the King’s Course. The condition is probably one of the best in the UK and the views across the Scottish lowlands are stunning. This venue also hosted the G20 summit in 2005.”

Sunningdale, England

“A beautiful parkland course in the heart of Surrey, it’s within easy reach of the M25. In spring and summer, the foliage is the prettiest I’ve seen in England. I think most would agree it is in the top ten courses in England and the best in the London area.”

Foxhills, England

“Foxhills is a lesser-known course in Surrey but this year is hosting a PGA championship. It has two courses – my favourite being the Longcross, which is rather challenging because every hole is tree lined and if you are off centre you are in trouble. It’s very pretty at this time of year and is attached to a wonderful spa and hotel.”

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