It’s Monday morning and you’re sitting on the end of your bed wasting precious snooze time deciding what colour formal shirt to pick for the day ahead. Sound familiar? Read on below and saviour those extra ten minutes of sleep this article so kindly offers…

The Best Shirts to Wear to the Office

Dressing for the office can prove a tricky task, but turn up in a perfectly pressed formal shirt and you can’t go far wrong. In terms of colour, there really are no rules – unless your manager has stated otherwise. Having said that – to break up the routine of the conventional whites and blues – we would suggest picking a formal shirt in pink or purple. Not only would these look great teamed with your favourite tailored suit, but worn alone they will certainly demand attention and respect from your sartorially inferior colleagues.


The Best Shirts to Wear to a Wedding

A formal white shirt is the perfect choice for a wedding – no matter what the weather, season or location. Wear it with some tailored chinos during the summer, or with a navy flannel suit when things get a little chilly. For those fearing they’ll look too reserved, use yours as a backdrop for a statement silk tie. Another option is to make it extra special with a made to measure shirt.


The Best Shirts to Wear to a Job Interview

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you should be aware that what you wear to an interview plays a big part in making the right first impression. Without realising, your clothing will send a subconscious message to the interviewer about your personality, and in effect may have some say on whether you land the job or not. To convey confidence and professionalism – regardless of personal taste – we recommend investing in a classic blue formal shirt. Simple yet suave, this timeless option will ensure your interviewer focuses on your skills and qualifications rather than your flamboyant sense of style.


The Best Shirts to Wear to a Party

Depending on the individual, there are endless shirts suitable for a party or family gathering. However, to figure out what colour would be most fitting, firstly you need to clarify what kind of event you are attending. If it’s a fancy soiree, keep it classic with a crisp white shirt or, for something more relaxed, opt for a casual check shirt with a button-down collar. Finish things off with a herringbone jacket and you’ll be the best dressed in the room.


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