How to Spruce up Your Suit

15th June 2017

Considering a large percentage of the male population will wear a suit at one time or another, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the crowd. However, by using a few key pieces you can seriously strengthen your suiting arsenal. To help, we’ve put together five must-own accessories that’ll spruce up your suit in no time.


Pocket Square


Pockets_Square_1 Pockets_Square_2 Pockets_Square_3 Pockets_Square_4


An essential accessory for the modern man, a pocket square offers the chance to take an average tailored look to stylish new heights. Available in a variety of materials and designs, these square pieces of cloth can be found in the breast pockets of some of the planet’s most stylish gents. To ensure you choose the most suitable design, pick one that shares a colour from your shirt or tie.


If you’re not sure how to fold your pocket square, check out our guide here.


Striped Shirt


Striped_Shirt_1 Striped_Shirt_2 Striped_Shirt_3 Striped_Shirt_4


Perfect for those who like to make a statement, the striped shirt offers perhaps the easiest way to add character to your outfit. Whilst this may not be suitable for all formal occasions, it’ll work wonders for the office or smart-casual events. It’s worth noting, if you opt for this method of outfit boosting, keep your tie simple and forgot about the pocket square – you don’t want to overcomplicate things.


Lapel Pin


Lapel_Pin_1 Lapel_Pin_2 Lapel_Pin_3 Lapel_Pin_4


Although many overlook it, the lapel on your jacket is primed for accessorising. Subtle yet effective, a lapel pin will not only add a splash of colour to your suit, but will show off your attention to detail. When choosing your design, we find it best to pick a colour that can be found in your tie or pocket square.


Colourful Tie


Tie_1 Tie_2 Tie_3 Tie_4


One of the most popular choices on this list, a colourful tie will enliven classic looks with ease. A must-have for any dapper dandy, it will breathe new life into your formal rotation. Once you’ve made your choice, ensure other accessories are muted – allowing your tie to do all the talking.


Tie Bar


Tie_Pin_1 Tie_Pin_2 Tie_Pin_3 Tie_Pin_4


Whilst a tie bar doesn’t seem like much, it’ll still offer an understated yet noticeable difference to your suit. When wearing yours, there are a two main rules to bear in mind. Firstly, the width of your tie bar should always be dictated by the width of your tie. Wearing a narrow tie? Opt for a short, half-inch bar. Wearing a standard tie? Go a little bigger. As a rule of thumb, never let the bar hang over the edge; if you can, aim to cover three quarters of the width. Secondly, ensure you put your tie bar in the right place. We find somewhere between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt works best.


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