What to wear with a tweed jacket?

20th October 2016

Mornings have become noticeably chillier; we have finally come to terms with the fact that summer has gone and we can no longer delay the inevitable. It’s time to review your wardrobe and plan your winter purchases. As men we often invest in clothing items, footwear and accessories that we know are going to last and that can be worn in countless combinations and a variety of occasions. Our recommendation for this is the tweed jacket. The absolute wardrobe essential for every man; a staple, that can also be bold, full of character, fresh and modern.

A lot of you might hesitate at the idea of the tweed, as a result of its sometime associations with being old-fashioned. Tweed was originally developed in Scotland and Ireland and was worn by farmers for its sturdiness, durability and protection from harsh weather conditions. It later became more popular amongst English gentry for its performance in outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting. The common characteristic was endurance. Nowadays, a tweed jacket is ideal for a gentlemanly and distinctive appearance that also protects you from colder weather.

There are numerous ways to wear a tweed jacket whether you want to be casual or dress up for a smart occasion. Here are a few options and combinations on how to style your favourite tweed jacket.

Step 1: The Tweed Jacket

Choose a colour that flatters your complexion and is subtle or more daring depending on the occasion and your preference! More common are earthier tones but if you care to try an alternative, a navy tweed can be both subtle or daring if combined with bright colours! Above all, make sure the jacket fits well.


Step 2: Under The Jacket

A tweed jacket can be matched with a plain colour shirt, ideally white or blue. You can always experiment with the fabric for instance, twill, poplin or textured dobby, and collar type, such as button down, cutaway or pin, to add more character. If in a more experimental mood pick a shirt that compliments the check’s colour.

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If a shirt is not an option, and you need a warmer and more relaxed outfit, then a long sleeve polo is ideal.


Step 3: Trousers

A tweed jacket can be paired with formal trousers, chinos, denim or even corduroy; base your choice according to the setting. Let the trousers compliment the jacket’s colours while not overshadowing it, so the tweed jacket leads your ensemble.

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Step 4: Accessories & Footwear

Here’s where you can really set yourself apart! For something more modest you can select something simple such as a plain white silk pocket square, a monochrome tie or nothing at all. You can style up your threads by wearing dressier cufflinks or a patterned bright handkerchief.

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A leather belt can be also added, preferably in brown and we like to match them with our shoes! (Try brown brogues, loafers or even chukka boots. For the most daring of you, you can mix and match the tie, pocket square and cufflinks, but always keep in mind the colour of your jacket.


And voilà! You have all the steps to perfect your tweed jacket look.

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